About David M Steele

I’m a British writer and editor; up until now, I’ve mostly written short stories, as well as graphic novels, but now I’m writing my debut novel, which is in the science fiction category. As this is my first novel, I thought it would be interesting to others to chart the ups and downs and the mistakes I make along the way. I’d love to hear about others’ experiences in writing or doing their first novel. And any advice, as always, is greatly appreciated!


2 thoughts on “About David M Steele

  1. Hey David, thanks for this post. It’s really interesting and inspiring to read someone describing their thoughts and problems in writing a first novel in real time! I really hope you manage to get there – I’d be really excited to read it. Can I ask – have you planned your cover yet, or thought about marketing? When do you plan to do this – now, or after the book is finished?


    1. Hey Matt – thanks for the kind words. Yeah, well, I guess it’s kind of tempting fate to be so public about doing a novel, in case I don’t manage to finish it or something, then I’ll look pretty silly I guess! But it’s going okay so far… To answer your question, I have got a cover artist, and I’ll be doing a post about that later on – same with marketing, but any tips about that would be really appreciated!


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