Post from Kabul

Anyone who has read any of my posts will know the following facts.

  1. I am a science fiction writer
  2. I am working on my first novel
  3. It is causing me lots of problems

Since  my original schedule had me taking around 3 months to write a book and I ended up taking, ahem, ONE YEAR AND TWO MONTHS SO FAR, you’d also be forgiven for not believing that this book is ever going to appear.

I have an excuse. I’ve had quite a tumultuous year. And I’ve just moved to Afghanistan. I can’t exactly tell you what I do, but I can tell you that I’m living now in Kabul, that I live and work in a compound with VERY high security, and that my day job doesn’t leave a whole lot of time for writing science fiction novels.

Basically, every day involves me going from one building to another in my high security compound, past a lot of guys wearing Oakley sunglasses and carrying AK-47s in the burning 45 degree heat. The air is dusty. There are mountains in the distance. The other night, I woke up because I heard an explosion from 2 MILES AWAY. It was a 2-ton truck bomb, and it made the room vibrate. I went outside and it was dark and a few people were outside and checking Twitter to see the news coming out about the explosion…

Yep, basically, my life is a lot weirder than a novel at the moment, but I’m still pushing ahead. Basically, I’m working on the FINAL, FINAL draft of my book, and I’m revising between 1 and 5 pages a night, depending on how tired I am. I’m up to 245 pages, and I’ve got about 70 pages to go. So soon, my friends, soon, Scavenger Graveyard will be released…


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