My Book Cover Art

Just received the finished art for my book cover: here it is.


The artist is Dmitri Leonovich. I think you’ll agree that his work is pretty awesome!

You can check out Dmitri Leonovich’s online portfolio here and here. I saw his stuff on deviantart and was blown away by it. I really liked his mixture of future aesthetic but with a cool graphic (as opposed to hyper-realistic) sensibility. Apart from the fact that he is based in Belarus, and that he’s a really nice guy and a great artist, I didn’t actually know that much about him.

So here’s a quick Q + A with Dmitry

Hi Dmitri. Where do you live right now?

I was born and live in Minsk, Belarus.

How long have you been drawing?

I think I have been drawing all my life, ever since I can remember. Painting is my hobby and work at the same time. I don’t want any other occupation, so I had a classical academic education (oil painting). I started digital graphics three years ago.

What made you want to want to pursue art?

This art allows me to reveal myself, so I like it as an oil painting.The process of painting gives me pleasure. If I do not work for a long time, I get bored.

What attracts you about doing Sci Fi/Fantasy illustrations?

I take only those orders will that do I fit. Good sci-fi books, films and games are great inspiration for me. I like sci-fi classics of literature such as Herbert Wells, Bob Sheckley, Isaac Asimov, Harry Harrison, Poul Anderson, Larry Niven. I always try to find time to read good books.

Thanks Dmitri! If you want Dmitri to consider doing some illustration for you, you can contact him at

Next post, I’ll talk through the process of commissioning a piece, and show you some of the preliminary work that Dmitri showed me before arriving at the finished piece!


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