Plotting Hell

I’m full into plotting phase. In fact, according to my self-imposed timetable, I’m supposed to finish my plot today, ready to start writing the first draft tomorrow. That’s not going to happen, I’m afraid. My story is still full of holes, illogicalities, nonsensical character decisions and dire cliches. It might be highly tempting to go … More Plotting Hell

Dealing With Doubt

I wanted to say a word about doubt. I have said before that I wanted to take a practical, pragmatic approach to writing my first novel. I don’t want to get bogged down in existential arguments about the craft of writing. That doesn’t interest me that much. But now that I’m deep in the planning … More Dealing With Doubt

First Things First

Okay, a bit of background. I’ve been writing science fiction short stories (mainly for myself) for a number of years now, and I finally reckon I’m ready to make the leap and try to write something a bit longer. I’m aiming at around 70,000 words or more. Something like that. Method I’ve had  an idea … More First Things First

Hello World Indeed

Yes, it’s my first blog post. Yaaay! (cheering crowds lift the roof off the arena, or, actually, frogs start to croak in the unutterable, engulfing silence…) Okay, the short version: I decided to write a book that’s kind of in the scifi/ fantasy/ crossover genre and self publish it. I don’t know anything about writing … More Hello World Indeed